Getting Started with Blogging

And my experience as a blogger.

One Year of Blogging

1 November 2020 marks my first anniversary on Medium as a blogger. In this one year, I have published 12 blogs, gained roughly 15 followers with total views of ~2000.

Is this some astonishing number? Definitely not!
Is this something that I am proud of? Definitely yes!

This year, I published 4 tech blogs, 3 blogs related to books, and 5 blogs on miscellaneous topics like anthropology, course reviews, etc.

Why should you write blogs?

There can be many reasons to get you started.

Needless to say, writing blogs helps you in improving your writing skills :) because when you start writing, you begin to put your thoughts into words and this helps to declutter your mind and come up with concrete ideas. When you write, words begin to flow to your mind and this boosts your confidence and that reflects in your speaking skills as well.

For me, I have always believed in sharing knowledge with others. So if somehow, somewhere, my blogs can help an individual in any way, then I am always more than satisfied with my work.

How to choose a topic?

I often find that the major reason people do not consider writing blogs is that they think they don’t know much about a topic or their level of knowledge or expertise is not enough. I think that this should not stop one from writing because honestly, we all have something in our mind that we can write about and we do not need to be the best at it because perfection is a relative term.

For someone who can not think of anything to write a blog on, ask yourself these questions!

Did you recently read a novel that really intrigued you?
Did you watch a movie that you absolutely loved?
Did you learn something new?
Is there anything that you enjoy doing? Cooking? Sports?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you already have a topic to write on and in case it was a no, just take a minute and try to reflect on this as I believe that you can always find something to write about.

My Advice for Novice Bloggers

There are a couple of things I would love to share with people who plan on writing blogs.

1) Do not worry about your stats
The level of satisfaction you get from your blogs should not depend on how much views you get. Write it for your own passion and take satisfaction from the fact that you have published a piece of work that will impact someone’s life in a positive way. My lowest viewed blog has ~20 views and the highest blog has 600+ views and I am equally proud of both of them.

2) Write to express your self
Do not follow someone else’s style of writing. Just write the way words flow to you. Sooner or later, you will be great at it, and in this way, you will always maintain your originality.

3) Self-promotion is not bad
Once you have written a blog, then make sure to share it with your friends and family because if you do not tell people, then how will they ever know about your blogs. So share it on your Instagram, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, and what not! But make sure you do not spam people or unnecessarily DM them your blog links.

My Future Plans

I am currently pursuing my undergraduate in computer science and writing blogs is just my hobby. I plan on publishing 1 blog per month. I already have some 7–8 blog ideas in my mind, some of them are related to technology and books. I am also planning to step out of my comfort zone and write about things that I haven’t before and explore something new.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and learned something out of it. Feel free to reach out to me on social media.

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